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Test tube for autonomous humidification of the sponge humidifies all floors during 4 days. Test tube attached vertically outside the ant farm. 
A comfortable 45 degrees stair (anti-slip 0.5mm "stairs") for occupancy and movement between floors. 
There is an adapter for a test tube and tubes for the arena. 
There are two partitions on the floors, they create zones with different humidification. 
There are septums to block and open each floor in oder to colonize step by step. Each septum is fixed from falling out. 
There is a cover with ventilation, floor septums and test tubes in the set.
For 3000 small ants or 1500 medium ants or 500 large ants. 
Height of the ant farm is 10cm 
Width of the ant farm is 15cm 
Length of the ant farm is 15cm 
10 living floors (1 cm high, 14 cm long, 2 cm wide). 
Arena 15x13x 

20 usd
20 usd