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Ant farm is a great opportunity to observe the activity and behavior of ants, both in the arena and in the nest itself without harming the colony.
All ant farms  UAnts have a stylish and thoughtful design – that is why they can be an excellent element of the decor of your room and unforgettable bright gift. It is very convenient both for the office desk and for the home. Ant farms are always an interest and delight for children, they develop mindfulness, fine motor skills, instil love for nature and broaden the horizons of  knowledge.

Ant farm from UAnts is designed in such a way that the conditions for the life of your pets are as close as possible to the ideal natural conditions. Humidification chambers create a necessary moisture gradient inside the ant farm, humidity, convection of the air, and so on. You do not have to clean the system of moves from the inside, because hard-working ants themselves take out the garbage and store it on a pile in the arena.You have to put food for ants in the arena.They will be grateful) Do not worry about escaping: each farm is tightly closed with a lid and there is also a barrier fluid (anti-race) in the set that does not harm ants and other creatures but has pheromone which scares off ants.
Observation of a growth and prosperity of a colony has a wonderful anti-stress effect. After a hard  working day it's nice to look at this little civilization created by you, where everything goes at peace and harmony.

Questions and answers
* Is everything you need can be find in the set, including ants?
In the shop there is a special category of goods "Starting sets", where the most models of ant farms are placed with ants and necessary set of related products. Buying only an ant farm, you will have only an ant farm. Buying a starting set, you will have an ant farm, ants, and related products. You can also order  products from the other categories and add everything you wish to the starting set.
Which farm is better?
All ant farms  from UAnts have been tested and approved as complete systems for cultivation of ant colonies. Their main differences: size and manufacturability. Larger size and manufacturability mean that the ant farm is better, which is expressed in monetary terms. That’s why be guided by the price.
*Which ants are better?
The question is just theoretical, like what flowers are better)
For beginners we advise Lasius niger and Messor structor species. In many respects they are quite different, especially as for nutrition, so it will be interesting to choose) Read the description of these products in the category "Ants"
* At what age will the child cope with the ant farm?
Recommendation: from 5 years. However, everything depends on the knowledge of the theme, so the answer is always individual. In the instructions for beginners,  ordering an ant farm, you will receive a complete instruction with a detailed description of each procedure and each interesting fact that you may face.
* Can the ants escape and settle in the house?
No,they can’t. There are thousands of species and each of them has differences. However, the species that we sell, absolutely surely will not be able to reproduce or even live for a long time in the house without the conditions of an ant farm. Moreover, without an intentional release the ants will not be able to get out of the   ant farm.
*Terms of payment.
If you are not from Ukraine, you should pay the total value using SWIFT payment.
We do not send living beings abroad.
* How long can a colony of ants live?
Depending on the species it can live from six months to forever (colonies with polygyny).
Species of ants that we sell average 15 years live.
*How long can ants live in a test-incubator?
They average 1 month live if they are fed once in 4 days at least. Everything depends on the water supply in the incubator and its quality. Therefore, when starting the incubator, use as much as possible pure water (not distillate).
* How to take care of an ant farm?
The question is very multifaceted)
And that is why we have specially developed an illustrated  instruction concerning  all  the  ant farm and  colony questions. The instruction can be find in the complete set in the products " Starting sets ".

We caution you against the use of solvents (alcohols) when operating ant farms. Such substances spoil the appearance of acrylic.
We caution you against the use of  both the barrier fluid and the lid of the ant farm. This can lead to the death of the colony. The lid is used until the colony is small and there is no difficulties to open it. Feed and close back and no escaping.
When the colony becomes large - we lay off the lid and use an open arena with a barrier fluid, which is applied once a week on the inner surface of the arena. This is a guaranteed protection and comfort for you and your colony.
We caution you against the use of gypsum, concrete and similar materials in the structures of ant farms. Such materials are a substrate for fungi, microorganisms and mold that will subsequently lead to the death of the colony.

The advantages of an ant farm!
Does not cause allergies.
No unpleasant odors.
Do not make noise.
Easily placed on 15 square centimeters on your desktop or shelf.
Does not require money for keeping.
Self-sufficient system of ant farm can serve for years.
Developing hobby and interesting educational process.
Care for the colony is only 10 minutes per week.
Positive relaxing effect with observation and care.